SOIL-LOC: Soil Stabilization Products


SoildShield-LS is a soil stabilization agent that is not just a surface treatment, it is a three dimensional form of soil stabilization penetrating the surface and forming a dimensional block. Read More

DustShield is a concentrate liquid copolymer that when diluted in water and applied bonds soil particles together to resist dust and erosion. Read More

SportMix is a finely ground granite blended with our proprietary ingredient that creates an infield mix with a soft texture for sliding and cushioning, improves drainage, easily maintained, dust free balanced for consistent play. Read More

PreStabis a 1/4″ minus decomposed granite pre-blended with our proprietary organic stabilization compound. Ideal for use on pathways, driveways, trails, patios, walkways, cart paths, equestrian breezeways and parking areas. Read More

SandShield is an organic joint sand stablization agent. SandShield stabilizes the joint sand that is placed into the joints of interlocking concrete pavers, clay pavers or other stone products. Read More

BunkerShield creates a shield between the sand and underlying soil. This shield controls erosion of the bunker faces and therefore helps eliminate the contamination of the bunker sand. Read More

Soil-Loc Hose-In Compact Sprayer

This sprayer is a medium volume hose-end spray applicator for diluting and applying Soil-Loc products to any surface up close or at a distance. This unit uses standard city water pressure to draw chemical concentrate from the attached bottle and blend it into the water stream. This accurately diluted solution is then projected through the recessed fan nozzle. Read More